Spring 2016 Must Haves..



Part 1 of Spring Updates  #dlstyle

Every spring season I get asked two things over and over. 

1. What do I "NEED" to get this season to freshn' up my wardrobe? I want to look current and feel new, I want to be in the now, but still age appropriate. 


2. What is an easy trick for me to bring life into my current space for it to feel new.

Both these questions have a consistent theme. The word and feeling of NEW! And of course it being spring time it fits the questions. We are feeling the life come alive around us. The trees and flowers are blooming, people are out and about, the sun is brighter and we are feeling energized after the winter months.

So with that being said here we go.,...


Question 1

I do whole hardly believe that fashion is a mind set. If you believe its you and you can rock it you will! Its really that simple, and yes you must break out of your comfort zone sometimes or you get into what we all know as the rut. ( like when you look at pics from 10 years ago and its exactly what you see in the mirror) The rut that takes hold of us with your hair cut/color, your fashion, your everyday jewelry, and your home. Comfort and consistency only goes so far. One MUST always be willing to push themselves to be a better you. Hey, whats the worse thing that can happen? ( Do not answer that)  I always try and encourage people no matter what, to go out of the box, both there interior space or everyday wearing space! You must wear the clothing, it can not be allowed to wear you! But..... I know being of a certain age there is always a limit.

Just know that we can still always incorporate a trend, but we now we have to and can do it tastefully.

a few key trends that are easy to do today I briefed below and in our image ( see image)

1. A Clog Shoe- I am always a fan for all seasons. It gives me height,comfort and style. I can wear them with pants,shorts, and dresses. There a ton of options no matter your personal style and that is what makes me love them even more!

2. Fringe- Yes we have seen it before, but now you have to do it in a subtle way. A little placed on a jacket goes a long way and you can wear the jacket for layering and all through the seasons to get the most use out of it. It is a perfect way. But, I suggest doing the fringe vertical not from the arm- wink. Another great way to do it, is in a scarf. Easy to pair with a tee and jean or a through over a shirt dress.

3. Camo baby!!! - I am so excited to see this again - though to be honest I don't ever stop wearing it. Its my khaki!! I love Camo in any color and in any form. A pant, tee, a sweatshirt, even my hat; I am all in and now as well as going forward you will see it everywhere!! Oh and it goes with everything! Two thumbs up!

4. Boho Maxi/ Florals- Maxi's work for all body shapes and all ages. A perfect dress to get you through hot months and cool evenings, a casual wear or a great piece to dress up with some wedges and fun funky jewelry. We have been seeing alot of un-even hems and great cuts this season. The uneven hem is great for the tall and petite no one feels left out. I especially like this season is seeing all the amazing well placed and colored floral prints. I can't always say I rock a print, but mostly because I can not ever find the right balance of color and size. This is the time to stock up- there has been a ton, and I thank fashion for this because it is hard to put anymore black and grey in my wardrobe. (not really)

5. Ear climbers, say what? Strange name right? Well these fun earrings come in all shapes and bling looks. But I think a simple understated look is a perfect way to pull this off for any age. No chains please, not to much fringe, just a simple long earring climbing up the lobe.

6. Lastly, A MUST is the An Off The Shoulder Shirt or Dress. You will see this all over from preppy to moto chic - from business to casual. And I am all about it. Show the shoulders, feel sexy and casual all in one. This trend opens up your neckline and exposes your fresh spring face. You can pair it with everything and anything and you should!


Stay tuned for the next question to be answered until then.... keep your #dlstyle in full effect and shop us in store or online.

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loves Audra

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