Every spring season I get asked two things over and over. 

1. What do I "NEED" to get this season to freshn' up my wardrobe? I want to look current and feel new, I want to be in the now, but still age appropriate. ( see last weeks blog entry for response)


2. What is an easy trick for me to bring life into my current space for it to feel new.

Both these questions have a consistent theme. The word and feeling of NEW! And of course it being spring time it fits the questions. We are feeling the life come alive around us. The trees and flowers are blooming, people are out and about, the sun is brighter and we are feeling energized after the winter months.


  • De-clutter- Re-style- Re-Organize

They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing! This need not be a scary task; just focus on one area at a time. Pull everything off your shelves, mantle or coffee table then consider what is essential, what can go behind closed doors and what you would like to display or find for the space that is new. Always try moving around the objects you already own for an instant update, then plug and chug in the new or seasonal items you find.

Think green For Spring - 


Green tones are the perfect choice for almost any room of the house, especially living rooms. Bright, muted or just plane bold shades can energize while softening; with even a muted green you can create feelings of calm and relaxation. If you aren’t convinced by a bold green color palette, introduce it in small areas like alcoves, or table legs for a subtle effect. I like to re Layer for spring. Keeping the big stuff neutral as always, but now I add the season I want in the room. This season being spring, I will use different tones of green and you might be surprised just how effective this can be.

 First way I want to do this is to....


  • Bring the outside in for your GREEN look

Adding a few houseplants will not only inject vibrancy and color to your interior, but can also contribute to a healthy home. Many studies have shown that houseplants reduce the number of toxins in the atmosphere and improve overall air quality, which is especially good news for asthma suffers and those who want to lead a greener, healthier life. The go to DL favorite house plant for is Aloe Vera as well as succulents, which is easy to grow indoors, has a low green thumb need, and the aloe has many medicinal benefits as well. A great addition well into the summer months.

frame photo- courtesy of diy frames

  • Add texture ALWAYS!

I can not say it enough TEXTURE TEXTURE TEXTURE. You can create newness to any space by simply adding texture in the entire space. May it be with fur, plants, woven and textile goods, or just good old recycled or found wood items. When updating your living room, think about the surfaces in your space as well as the colors – from hardwood floors to a sofa. A mix of different textures will create a balanced interior and will bring a "designer" quality to the space, especially if your living room color scheme is paired-back and tonal.  Add linen cushions and wool throws to then unify your color scheme, alongside natural materials like wooden shelves or stone plant pots with textured plants. 

photos courtesy left to right- dl design-horchow pillows-elle fashion blog






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