Bold Bright Colors are setting the tone for the summer and well into fall. I love these bright energetic color tones, because the colors are warmer then they once were, bright and vibrant and are super for the summer months. You can see colors teaming up such as the orange with purple or yellow, green. Deep cobalt blues are being put with some combinations such as green, red, and vibrant pinks. Several brands have invested in the color block look with individual pieces and with the blocking it is age appropriate as well as allows the buyer to get more for there money. You can separate and use them in other ways through out the season to maximize your wear. We have seen these colors in both clothing as well as accessories. Jil Sander and Louis Vuitton propose a mix of bold colors in there collections. High end fashion such as  Max Mara, Prada, Celine, Gucci, Fendi and Dior are showing it - even stores with more disposable fashion for those who like a trend but don not want to invest in it such as, H & M, BEBE, PRIMARK. They are all betting on the color block on several different propositions. Prada invested in vibrant colors mixed with stripes on clothing and leather accessories, Céline used the mix of green and navy, and Max Mara used it a bit more discreetly, with there red or orange with pink combos but all with a mix of discrete tones next to the vibrant. These are great for any body types and skin colors. ( yes all skin tones can handle these colors no excuses)

How To Do It-

We all saw it on the red carpet in the past year and now you are seeing it seep into every day life with news castors, woman on the street and hell even me ( the queen of neutral) If you want to be a little daring and try it out you can! Like me I do it with the after layer. The nail, bag, shoe, necklace......  Believe me If it is too many bright colors and confusing this is a great way to do it. You can tone it down by wearing a neutral piece(s)  with a colored one like, a bright necklace, with a bright shoe. A bright bag and bright nail color. I would recommend doing it with two colors always, and in one outfit- it gives the most bang for the trend. You can combine purple and jungle green or even hot pink and orange - or just wear all fusia with a pop of color on the nail!!!    Just think Two Bold colors per outfit!!


This is not your neon 80's ladies.  So as I have gotten older as discussed you do have to be on trend but age appropriate. Well this trend I love and its not your 80's neon so no worries ladies you can do it!! These are deep and bold colors. Colors that say I am here and I love texture,fashion, and you!!


So grab your little punch of color this season and have fun with it!!!


Next up on the trend.... Ruffles, volume sleeves, and off the shoulder tops......

loves - Audra


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