Ruffles to Volume Sleeve, to Off the shoulder- Trend

Ruffles to Volume


Everyone will be giving the cold shoulder this spring. Between all of the shoulder cut-outs and this incredibly popular off-the-shoulder look (which is everywhere), the collarbone may just be the most important feature for spring 2016. What I love about this trend is, is you can wear it casually or to work. Its slightly conservative and slightly sexy. #love

When one thinks of ruffles, one might recall something girly and frilly. However, ruffles for spring 2016 were more on the slouchy side, and placed sparingly on the body. Yes, the pictures below are very high fashion. But keep your eyes open for this ruffle trend popping up on clothing this season. From hard edgy ruffles to the soft girly kind you can rock it any which way.

The volume sleeve is making yet another appearance. This slight pouf and our accentuated shoulder or arm is a way to add some dimension, modern lines, to what seems like a normal shirt, dress or jacket. This gives you a little edge to any outfit.  Always have been a fan and always will....

Keep your eyes open!!! Things you will see trending now and well into the fall......

On the horizon and already peeping into everyday style are the 90's..... they are back- but in a slightly new way of course. Ok, so I officially am repeating trends now, and not just as a first timer, but now on a second wave of repeat ( 80's and 90's).Things to keep an eye out for repeats are..... Bucket hats ( think ll cool j), chokers ( not the velvet heart ones, but pretty close, docs; but only in a boot version, low and baggy pants, ( never liked this one) bearing midriffs ( but no baby doll tops sorry), button front skirts and finally a push for the dark lips. ( no mac spice this time)  I will let you stew on that one....


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