Implementing A Vintage Vibe Into Your Home



Well Picking season has finally arrived! All your favorite treasure hunters spent the winter hibernating and finding new goodies for you to scoop up these next few months; And honestly thank god for that!!  Found treasures offer charm and one-of-a-kind style. Vintage living room designs span the most stylish decades, from dazzling Art Deco, farmhouse chic, country vintage, industrial vibe, to a mid- century mod. Browse photos of vintage living rooms to discover new decorating ideas, tips for arranging furniture, clever flea market storage ideas, and fresh color schemes that work for you. Decorate your living room with vintage furniture and salvaged accessories to help your home pay homage to its roots. Vintage-style living rooms feature layers of mix-and-match style and curated treasures. Find inspiration to create a living room with collected appeal, plus learn how to decorate with vintage finds. Create striking vignettes by juxtaposing old and new accessories or blending rustic and romantic styles. Mismatched plates, mirrors, and artwork unearthed at flea markets become an instant collection when displayed above a sofa. Small finds acquired while traveling, such as maps and books, keeps your decor fresh, personal, and timeless. Take vintage living rooms retro with bright, geometric wallpaper patterns and a sleek, space-age sideboard. Instantly lend vintage appeal to a modern living room by mixing in thrift-store accessories with new pieces. Use distressed cabinets, a weathered trunk, or an antique armoire to streamline linens, media, and drink ware.

Create A Nook



Eclectic vintage treasures are both uniquely beautiful and useful. Unite a collection by displaying items in colors that match tonally. Group them by a theme. So if you 

collect vintage jewelry hang them on funky hooks- do you have old glass bottles, frames, candle sticks - cluster them so you can see them in its full beauty.


Create Clever Storage 

Make the most of every inch by using floor-to-ceiling cupboards in kids' rooms - giving them more room to play, especially in a narrow space. An idea that works for smaller, galley-style kitchens, too. This will give the space character as well as place to show a small funky fun collection.

Notice the details-Texture and Prints

Think about the details, especially in rooms that are otherwise simple. Display your perfumes with pretty things you love - such as flowers, unusual bottles, vintage sunglasses - or even place them on a cake stand. Create a space with whimsy if it is in a cottage,industrial or modern way. Give the space texture always. Add mirror details, wovens, a little color etc. You can do this with lighting, wall paper or paint patterns, wall decor, pillows, throws. Things you can change out easily as well. 


Vignette Vignette Vignette

 I can say this word enough. With my years of merchandising behind me and in front of me. I have learned that a vignette is everything. It will drawer your eye to a space, and area, or a collection. I always tell me clients you must see the space in dimension and height. Make your eye go up and down and around again. If you are working on a small table top or corner build the space. Use an old movie real or old tickets to make a step for a display. You can put a vase on top that item - fill the vase with something found or texture then fill the vase. After you do that then look behind the vase and create something taller than that. I do this not only in my store deconstructed living, but I do it in all the rooms I design. In bookshelves, masters, entry ways. You name it!!

Think Casual Whimsy


Casual Whimsy to me is simple. Take something easy and multiply it. Then Display it. Make it monochromatic so its not so in your face, but obviously in your face enough to say. WOWZA- and you obviously want others to say, "I would never think about doing that!" that is successful casual whimsy.

How To Feature Family


 OK so this is always a thing of mine. I personally love pictures, and I also love my family. However, I often find and see that people add to the walls and tables, they rarely replace. So what does this do? Well first off it says this is my life and I lived it and it came it went and its still here. But it also can say I did this 20 yrs ago and I never updated. So how do you do this without having these issues. Simple, pick 1 or 2 spots in your home to dedicate pictures to. It makes it easy for you to attend to and its not spread everywhere so that you are putting your life in others visual way. ( sorry if I offend you will all have pet peave) So pick an office, a hallway and family/game room and collage a way. It is the perfect spots for a collection of family photos. I also recommend keeping it one color frame, not style but color, and also one color photo so black and white or color etc..... Here, in this picture its black and white prints keeping the monochrome uniformity and allow the statement chandelier to make an impact while pulling the black from the frames. Again keep that eye moving.


Hope this helped some of those questions and give you some tricks I use. If you still ar scared to pull the trigger or do it? Well you can always hire me....





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