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Welcome to the DL lifestyle and all that goes with it. Deconstructed Living is all about inspiring you to create.  Whether our interior design services help you complete a room in your house, or we find you the hippest gifts around it's our goal to show you unique ideas and items from around the world. 

My name is Audra Fine, and I currently live outside of Philadelphia in a suburb often referred to as the "main line".
Over my many years in the furniture, clothing, and jewelry businesses, I have learned where and how to find "the next best thing" before it becomes the next best thing.  My passion and success with this has led to DL. In today's world we see so much of the "cookie cutter mentality". At DL we work hard to be unique.  We want your friends to come over and fall in love with your purchases from us, not quote the page they saw them on in the last mass catalog sent to your home.
 I am asked some interesting questions on a regular basis. I look forward to sharing some of these discussions with you in this blog.  I will be posting items I find and sell in my store. I will show you fabulous ideas you can use as a foundation to make a space great.  I will give you gift ideas that would have never crossed your mind. I will be posting topics that I can assure you will create an interesting dialog.  My day to day routine produces some amazing concepts in design and style that I want to share.  In truth I want to break it all down, deconstruct if you will and help you to put it all back together in an exciting and new way.  I can always be reached via phone or email.  We love a challenge, can't find it don't know how to layer it, need help choosing a color, we do it all. 
Our flagship retail store and online shopping really allows our customer to understand multiple uses of found objects in modern decor. We also encourage mixing Modern decor with a rustic element. We strongly believe in the handcrafted movement and support local and US artists. We love to be quirky,unique, and refined at the same time. Hope you continue to read and enjoy all we create. 

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