About the Owner






I grew up on "the main line" which is a series of towns in the suburb of Philadelphia. I now reside here as well with my husband -along with my two children and dog.  Shortly, after college I came back to the Philadelphia, simply because of my love for Philadelphia was so great. I took several buying jobs, learning and honing my craft of retail for over 10 years. I love to travel, the outdoors, reading, and surrounding myself with interesting people.  I have a huge appreciation of fine arts and have been collecting and studying art since I was 16.

While growing up, I always loved to buy something different from friends or at least buy it before anyone had it! The problem was, I never wanted to spend a lot either! My parents would simply not support my habit; so I wanted to be able to have as many things for my dollar as I could.  A keen eye for detail and a value or for a good buy; is what has made me successful so far. This very characteristic still rings true today; I love a good hunt, searching for the unique, and knowing what is fun and functional.

My interior spaces are much the same, I always look at a room and I see it in layers, you start with the bottom and work your way up to only then go back down again. Your eye needs to be moving at all times. Like a painting. Each layer to the room adds a sense of movement showing who you are, and who you want to be in it.

The concept for Deconstructed Living was born from my yearning to create a shopping experience that appeals to a buyer, who enjoys modern lines, industrial traits, a vintage flare, and an eco-chic look.  I feel your home should be comfortable, inviting, and easy to entertain in. Most of all, it should feel like you! 

Happy Shopping!!! 

Loves- Audra